Getting started with WordPress

Have you just taken over the role of maintaining a kindergarten WordPress website?

Our new Quick Guide to editing WordPress pages will get you started with:

  • Logging into the site
  • Finding the page you want to edit
  • Using the Text Editor
  • Updating the page

Quick Guide to Editing WordPress Pages

Once you are comfortable with that you can learn how to upload documents, add images to galleries, and much more with the resources below

WordPress User Manual

The WordPress User Manual (Easy WP Guide) provides all the information you need to learn how to update your new website including how to navigate the editing panel, add new pages and content, change the appearance and more!

Download the Easy WP Guide WordPress Manual PDF from their website.

Website Management Tips

Tip – Create an online presence for your Kindergarten

Tip – creating and editing your website in WordPress

Tip – Suggestions to help get your website found on the web

Example WordPress Website

We offer WordPress CMS website builder. It’s easy to use, you can choose a theme, add a banner image, change the colours, create & customise pages!

View our example website created in WordPress