HFC – Hybrid Fibre Coaxial

HFC connections are used in areas where existing pay TV or cable wires can deliver NBN to your kindergarten.

HFC connections require an NBN access network device to be installed where the cable TV line enters your kindergarten:

  • First, an NBN utility box will be mounted on the outside wall of your kindergarten.
  • Inside, an NBN connection box will be installed.
  • The NBN connection box is then connected to a coaxial wall outlet (the same used for cable TV) and a power outlet.

How do I apply for HFC NBN?

Email nbn@kindergarten.vic.gov.au and request the application forms.

Remember to include the name of your kindergarten and its address when you send the email.

What happens to my internet while the installation takes place?

As HFC requires entirely new infrastructure to be installed, the old internet will continue to function until the NBN is installed.

Once we are happy that your NBN is working properly, we will then cancel your existing ADSL service.

What happens to my phones while the installation takes place?

As HFC requires entirely new infrastructure to be installed, your old phones will also continue to function until the NBN is installed.

However, if you change your phone number to the NBN before the installation, your internet will stop working until we can organise the NBN to be installed (this can take several weeks).

To minimise interruption to your internet services, we strongly recommend that you allow us to organise your NBN internet before you change your phones.

What does the NBN equipment look like?

Where is the NBN equipment installed?

The NBN technician will decide on the day, but the equipment is usually installed at the front of your building, closest to the street.

How do I plug in my modem?

Once the NBN connection box (also known as a network termination device – NTD) is installed in your kindergarten, you will need to use an ethernet cable to connect the WAN port on your modem to a UNI-D port on the NTD.

You can then plug your computers/printers into any of the yellow ethernet ports on the modem, and connect to the WiFi using the details provided.

What if the equipment is installed in an inconvenient location?

Your kindergarten will be required to engage an electrician or cable technician to run cabling to your preferred location. Your kindergarten will be required to cover all associated costs.

What if the NBN is installed but I can’t use it straight away due to internal cabling issues?

Unfortunately, the Kindergarten IT Program can only provide one internet connection per kindergarten.

If you are unable to start using the NBN immediately, due to internal cabling issues, we expect your kindergarten to organise internal wiring within 3 months of your NBN installation.

After 3 months, the Kindergarten IT Program Coordinator will contact you and discuss which connection should be cancelled (ADSL or NBN).

How do I organise moving my phones to the NBN?

You can approach your preferred telephone provider and request NBN phones. Be sure to advise them that you already have HFC NBN internet connected, and that you would like a new NTD.

Your telephone provider can install a splitter that will allow you to have multiple NTDs running off the same point in the building, one for the phone and one for the internet, as shown in the diagram below.

More questions

We’re here to help make your transition to the NBN as smooth as possible.

For more information, see our frequently asked questions (FAQ) page here.

If you can’t find the answer to your query, or you require further information, give us a call on (03) 8664 7001 or Toll Free – 1800 629 835, or send an email to nbn@kindergarten.vic.gov.au.