Make text and icons appear larger on the screen

If you find it hard to see things clearly on your computer screen or are squinting to read you can change the view to a larger scale to make text more readable and other items like icons appear larger on the computer screen. (This Tip applies to the Dell Desktop Computer with Windows Vista.) To

Add Victorian Modern Cursive Script font in Word

This Tip applies to Windows PC Users. For more information and Mac user instructions refer to the DEECD website; On the DET website linked above, Click on this link; "Regular and Bold fonts - PC format (ZIP - 30Kb) : Click Here" Select Open with Windows Explorer then press OK In the new window

Create a shared network space with an external hard drive and a modem

This Guide enables the creation of a shared network space with an external hard drive plugged into a modem, where multiple users and computers can access and share files in one central location. Note: This guide is written on Windows Vista for the configuration of an External Hard drive device & a (4 port or

Perform a file clean up

It’s a good time to review and clean up your computer files for a fresh start in the New Year. A clean up involves backing up your files, organising your important files and cleaning out old files you no longer need, saving space on your computer. Check how much space you have Double-click on the

Email photos using Windows Photo Gallery

One of the tasks for kindergarten staff is sharing digital photos with groups of parents. Emailing photos can be time consuming when you try and send too many photos at once, as email programs struggle to send emails when the size of the attachments is too large. There is a quick way to select photos,

Electronic File Management

These days we are moving away from keeping hard copy files with more of our records being stored on computers and on-line. Just like a filing cabinet, electronic files need to be organised and managed properly. What types of electronic files should be saved? Documents and data used for business purposes such as; letters, emails,

Web Browser Basics

A “Web Browser” is your window to access the Internet. There are many different web browsers you can use, each has its own look and feel, but they all have the same purpose: to display web pages. Internet Explorer and Google Chrome are popular web browsers; other browsers include Firefox, Safari, and Opera. Web browsers,

Prepare documents for email

Sometimes you may not be able to send an email if the attachment is too large. We suggest the maximum size of attachments in one email is 5 MB (to check the size of a file, right click on it and select Properties). If you attach files larger than that the email software will take

Performing a File Backup & Equipment Maintenance

A file backup is the process of saving a copy of all the computer files to an external storage location. This means if files are accidentally deleted, become corrupted or the computer is damaged, data can still be retrieved and restored. Manual Backup (onto a USB or External Hard Drive) Insert the USB or External

What to do when things go wrong

Around 90% of computer related problems can easily be overcome in a few simple steps. This is good news! If any connecting device isn't working (eg your printer, internet connection or a program), you should restart everything connected to the problem device before pressing the panic button. Your computer should always be restarted using ‘Shut

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