A file backup is the process of saving a copy of all the computer files to an external storage location.

This means if files are accidentally deleted, become corrupted or the computer is damaged, data can still be retrieved and restored.

Manual Backup (onto a USB or External Hard Drive)

  • Insert the USB or External Hard Drive into one of the USB ports of the computer
  • Open the drive to view its content, located under “My Computer”
  • Create a new folder under the drive e.g. “Kindergarten File Backup_122012”
  • Drag the files into the folder, or copy and paste them into the folder
  • Choose a safe and secure offsite storage location for the file backup.

IT Equipment Maintenance

Just before you leave for the holidays, shut down the computer and turn off the screen.

For all electronic devices, switch off and unplug at the wall, this saves electricity and can prevent a possible power surge or damage to equipment if there is a storm.