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Once you have the rough structure and hierarchy of your website you can start detailing it out with content. The content refers to the text copy, logos, images, PDFs and other files that you will be populating your site with. In the same way your site’s users have goals, you should identify the goal for each section of content. Write your content as if each page was the visitor’s first, don’t assume they have arrived via the front door.

WordPress can help you build the site organically with options to revise or adjust things easily but the more time you or your colleagues can devote to drafting up the contents of each section, sourcing and selecting images etc. the less time you will need to spend reediting.

Pages vs posts

WordPress pages are usually the static sections of separate content. Generally, the main menu links to each of the main pages. WordPress also has posts, which are the serialised entries traditionally added to a WordPress blog. Posts can be categorised and presented and filtered in various orders, eg by date, category type. So, you can repurpose the post content as a news feed or assign a specific category to a series of posts and feature those in a particular spot.

Planning links to get you started

These links cover some fundamental web design guidance and content design.

Image gathering

A few carefully selected photos will have a better impact than a larger number of mediocre ones.

Avoid stock photos of obvious models and favour authentic photos taken onsite. This doesn’t mean you shouldn’t consider purchasing stock images, but you can also gather professional royalty free photography from sites like Just ensure you check the art’s licence such as Attribution is not required. Definitely thank and attribute artists if you can.

At this stage you may not be focused on the colour scheme of the site but try to get a consistent look. If your service has a logo, try to get a copy at a good quality resolution (size) without jpeg compression distortion.

If your service does not have a logo, at a pinch you could use the guide here to get started building one, just make sure you start the project at a decent size (ie 1000 px)

Other Media

Gather necessary files such as PDF reports or forms. Consider the size of files, if you have a 100 MB version and an optimised 20 MB version of the same annual report, opt for the smaller one.

You may opt to upload small video files directly to your site or gather links to YouTube videos. YouTube allows you to embed videos they host (plays in your site instead of taking the visitor to