Tip – Scam targeting payroll and administration staff

We have been alerted to a scam targeting payroll and administration staff. This is how the scam happens: After capturing the name of a legitimate staff member, the scammer sends an email in the staff member’s name to the workplace. Titled “New Banking Details” or similar, this email requests an update to the staff member’s

Tip – Where to start with cyber security literacy

Have you ever heard the expression "Explain it to me like I am 5"? It is a popular phrase because we often need guidance that is immediate and accessible, just like five years olds. Increasing your cyber security literacy doesn't mean becoming an expert, it just means becoming familiar with the day-to-day patterns and knowing

Tip – Windows Backup and Restore

You can perform a manual backup of your Windows user files with an external drive by using Backup and Restore in Windows Settings. Backup and Restore makes copies of the user files only (Documents, Desktop, Pictures, Downloads etc.) it does not back up system files or programs. This will require a reasonably large external hard

Tip – Password protect Office documents

If your service shares a computer, network drive or cloud storage between staff, committee and volunteers, you might find it useful to restrict some Office documents from modification with a password or encrypt others for confidentiality. This tip will explain both how to encrypt a document and how to restrict modifying a document. Within larger

Tip – Password protect PDFs exported from Word

This guide demonstrates how to password protect a PDF created in Microsoft Word or Publisher. With the file open in Word or Publisher, click on File go to the Backstage view. Select Save As from the menu and navigate to the desired save location. Use the Save as type dropdown to select the PDF file

Tip – Privacy and information sharing requirements for the Online TLDS

Early childhood educators working on Transition Learning and Development Statements are required to adhere to their service’s privacy policies in the handling of personal information. Schools must adhere to the Victorian privacy laws and Federal laws for other agencies and non-government bodies. The Department of Education and Training have an information page providing guidance on

Tip – Optus Data Breach

Reported widely in the press this week, both state and national agencies are providing an evolving response to the Optus data breach. Optus customers and former customers who received notification from Optus can find guidance from the OAIC and IDCARE. Although it is uncertain if all the data was publicly leaked, security specialists advise that

Tip – Phishing email targeting early childhood services

Targeted phishing emails are currently being sent to registered services. Below is an example: ACECQA have responded and instructed recipients: This is NOT an official email from ACECQA. It is a spam email that should be deleted - do not click on the link. If you did click on the link in the spam email

Virus alert ‘Deadbolt’ ransomware targeting network attached storage

We have had reports of the 'Deadbolt' ransomware affecting kindergartens. The Deadbolt ransomware targets computers and networked attached storage (NAS).  Just like your computer, NAS devices should be kept secure by running security updates and turning off vulnerabilities. If your service has a network attached storage device such as a QNAP or other storage device,

Scam text messages

Scam texts are fake messages with links that can target Androids, iPhones or any other smartphone. Scammers can appear to be sending from legitimate phone numbers or even among messages from other contacts. Although they are constantly changing examples regularly include…   claims of a missed call with a link to voicemail [FAKE]   claims