Virus scan with BitDefender

Simply having Antivirus software installed on your computer does not mean it will always be a virus free environment. You can run a scan with anti-virus software to check for computer viruses and remove any found. The Kindergarten IT Program provides BitDefender Antivirus software; you may have your own alternative Antivirus software. To run a

Scam emails targeting kindergartens

Scammers are targeting kindergartens with fake messages with malicious attachments. Please treat all email received from addresses claiming to be kindergartens with the same level of caution as other email. Our system admin has identified malicious email that looks like it is from another kindergarten. Double check the sender information of all email you receive,

Bluekeep: Windows RDP Vulnerability

What is Bluekeep? Microsoft has advised users that there is a vulnerability within its Remote Desktop Services. Remote Desktop Services allow others to access your computer without physically being at the machine. Cyber attackers can connect to targeted computers and send specially crafted commands. This can happen without you allowing them to do so. Computers

Business Continuity

Before your kindergarten closes for the Christmas holidays, we have a few IT tips to ensure business continuity. File Backup We suggest that you should back up your files and images to an external hard drive. This is to prevent you from losing any important documents or photographs. To do so, please follow the below

Password protecting electronic documents

When sending electronic document via email, you need to take the following basic security steps: Password-protect the Word document. To do this, open the word document. Go to “File” tab. Under “Info”, click on “Protect Document” and select “Encrypt with Password”. Enter the password (use a mixture of upper and lowercase letters and numbers), then

Turning off peer-to-peer software

Checking if uTorrent in running in the background Peer-to-peer file sharing programs are designed to run in the background, constantly sharing files with other users online. The program may be using resources and bandwidth without your knowledge. Although there are some legitimate uses for peer-to-peer sharing, usually it is not a service you will need

Tips to protect your privacy

Know your rights The more you know about your rights, the easier it will be for you to exercise them. Read Australian Privacy Principles (APPs) to know more about your right. Familiarise yourself with the APPs so that you can exercise your rights. Read privacy policies and collection notices All entities must have a clearly

How to factory reset your browser

Reset Internet Explorer Click on Tools and select Internet Options. Click on the Advanced tab. Click on the Reset button. Reset Chrome Click on Customize and control Google Chrome button Click on Settings. Click on Advanced Settings. Click on the Reset settings button. Reset Firefox In the address bar of the FireFox. type in about:support

How do I manage personal information online

Today you can do almost anything online - you can do your banking, manage Centrelink payments, buy and sell things, book appointments and more. As you become more confident in using the web, and start exploring things like online shopping or social media, you'll find that you need to share a range of personal information,

How to check your WiFi security

If your Wi-Fi isn't secure, or you're concerned about the security of your Wi-Fi, we recommend calling the Kindergarten IT Program help desk to assist on Phone: 03 8664 7001 or Toll Free: 1800 629 835 For Android Find and click on Settings. Click on Wi-Fi. If there is a padlock over the signal symbol besides