Last year came out with the strongly titled article “Why it’s time to ditch your one password for passphrases”.

We agree!

Our mailboxes require a password or passphrase that includes:

  1. 1. lowercase
  2. 2. CAPITALS
  3. 3. Numb3rs
  4. 4. Special character$.

We also require the pass to be at least 13 characters long. The minimum length will likely increase in the future too.

Create a passphrase by generating 3 or more random words. A simple 4 word passphrase will take centuries to crack where a 13 character password can take considerably less.

Glance at the table below and decide for yourself which is easier to memorise…

Example 13 character passwords with numbers, caps and special characters Estimated time to crack
$ybh&2uh3H4p 31 years to crack
dP@iZ@RA$A@j5 31 years to crack
Example passphrases with numbers, caps and special characters Estimated time to crack
Exert-Deforest-Book-Smartness2 Centuries to crack
Dreamlike-Array5-Truck Centuries to crack
Passion-Shrug-Overstock7 Centuries to crack

Of course you need to make up your own. Make sure it is:

  1. 1. Long
  2. 2. Unpredictable
  3. 3. Unique.

Learn more about passphrases from

NSW.GOV.AU offer a password strength tester that will also tell you if a password has already been exposed or hacked.

You can even turn passphrase generation into a dice game:


Many password managers have online random passphrase tools: