15 September 2016

Preparing for the school holiday break

Just before you leave for the school holiday break its helpful to:

  1. 1. Shut down your computer
  2. 2. Switch off the modem
  3. 3. Switch off the power and unplug at the wall socket

This can stop a possible power surge or damage to your computer if there is a storm and it also saves energy. Post-It note your keyboard “Turn the modem and power back on” to remind staff on return from break.

If you want to check your webmail over the break, remember, username is the full email address and the new webmail is here:


Our friendly staff will be available during the holidays, should you require assistance please contact State Library of Victoria, Community IT Support on 8664 7001 or Free Call 1800 629 835

9 September 2016

Enrol now! iPad training sessions during the term break

Some staff have been unable to arange time to attend our training during work hours, so we are piloting some holiday sessions.

On Monday, 19 September 2016, 10am-4.30pm at the State Library Victoria, Melbourne. Visit our training page at http://kindergarten.vic.gov.au/traininglinks.html

31 August 2016


The AVG Antivirus Business Edition program we have provided since 2013 has now expired.

We are now offering an opt-in to Bitdefender GravityZone Business Security for eligible computers.

The software is supplied at no cost to the kindergarten and only computers supplied by the Kindergarten IT Program are eligible.

Refer to our Kindergarten IT Program antivirus opt-in

August 2016

Tip - Ransomware and fake email

Ransomware is a type of malware that makes your data such as documents and photos unavailable. Usually by scrambling (encrypting) the data so it is unusable. Then, offering to unscramble the data if you pay the ransom. Data recovery is not guaranteed after paying ransom.

Refer to our Tip - Ransomware and fake email

August 2016

September and October 2016 classes are open for booking

The training is available to kindergarten directors, teachers, assistants and committee members. Sessions are provided free of charge and delivered in small groups of 10 people in face to face classes.

Refer to our schedule for specific times and places on our Training page

We have simplified online enrolment; you can now enrol directly through the schedule!

July 2016

Welcome back for the new term

The server migration was a great success and we are already seeing the benefits of reduced spam.

Congratulations to Ouyen Preschool!
Ouyen Preschool is the lucky winner of our Osmo prize. Louise, Bev and Lin complement traditional materials with digital records on an iPad to share children’s experiences with parents. Good luck getting the iPad back once you introduce Osmo :) We look forward to hearing what the children think of it.

Many staff found the time to complete our recent survey with great insights and suggestions. Overall, the survey affirmed the areas of support we prioritise.

image of the Osmo product and packs

June 2016

Old mail server to cease authenticating

Dear Kindergarten Staff,

We are pleased to report that many kindergarten staff have made the move to the new server and are happy with the improved service. BUT we can still see some users have not updated their settings. If you have noticed that you are no longer getting all your expected email, or you suspect your email is not working, please download and follow our guides to update your mail account settings.


• If you are still using the old mail server (mail.vicnet.net.au) your mail program will stop authenticating from 10am Thursday June 16. You will need to update to resume accessing your mail. This will not affect people who have already updated.

• We are extending our support hours from 8am to 6pm Thursday June 16.

• We are extending our support hours from 8am to 5pm Friday June 17.

For instructions, please refer to our dedicated mail server upgrade project page. Read more...

June 2016

New Mail Server is now live!

If you have a mailbox ending @kindergarten.vic.gov.au you now need to update your account setings in your mail program or device.

For instructions, please refer to our dedicated mail server upgrade project page. Read more...

June 2016

Extended Helpdesk hours

Our goal is to ensure a minimal disruption to kindergarten operations in the days following the mail server upgrade. to help staff out, we are extending our helpdesk hours from 8am to 6pm on the following days:

Days Helpdesk hours
WEDNESDAY June 8 8am - 6pm
THURSDAY June 9 8am - 6pm
FRIDAY June 10 8am - 6pm
TUESDAY June 14 8am - 6pm
WEDNESDAY June 15 8am - 6pm

We will resume our normal helpdesk hours of 9am to 5pm from Thursday June 16 onwards.

Update guides now availble to download

Please check which mail program you use and download the appropriate user guide. Read more...

May 2016

New Mail Server is coming!

We're excited to let you know that if you have a mailbox @kindergarten.vic.gov.au then we are building a new mail server with updated features, security and performance. The new server will come online on Wednesday 8th June 2016. You don't have to do anything right now but we'll let you know by email what will be happening closer to this time. You can also find out more at our dedicated mail server upgrade project page. Read more...

May 2016

2016 midyear IT survey now closed

The Kindergarten IT Program Survey by June 3rd 2016 & your kindergarten could win an OSMO!

The 2016 midyear survey is now closed. Thank you to the 130 Victorian kindergarten staff who found time to complete it!

One submission will be selected randomly and the winning kindergarten will be announced early July.

What's an Osmo?

April 2016

Tip - How to check your WiFi security

To accompany our previous tip, guideline to protect your Wi-Fi network, we have created a tip on how to check your WiFi security.

Refer to our Tip – How to check your WiFi security

March 2016

Tip - Guideline to protect your Wi-Fi network

A wireless network (Wi-Fi) is a great way to be anywhere in your Kindergarten and connect your internet service. But it’s important to be aware when your wireless network is open to unauthorized use.
Just like the security lock on the kindergarten front door, the Wi-Fi network should be protected using a strong password. This is to prevent unauthorised access to your network and in turn, into to your confidential or personal files on computers or on a shared drive.
If the Wi-Fi connection is left open without password, anyone can connect to your Wi-Fi and access your data or degrade your connection speeds (refer to tip #3 for how to check).

Refer to our Tip – Guideline to protect your Wi-Fi network

March 2016


Happy Easter Holiday

Please note that the IT support will be closed on Friday 25th March and on Monday 28th March 2016. IT Support service will resume on
Tuesday 29th March 2016 from 9AM.

IT Tips for a break…

Perform a file back up

Refer to our Tip - Perform a file back up

Prepare IT Equipment

Just before you leave for the holidays, shut down the computer and turn off the screen.
For all electronic devices including your Internet modem, switch off and unplug at the wall,
this saves electricity and may prevent possible power surge damage to equipment if there is a storm.

Refer to our Tip – Surge Protection

February 2016

Tip – Scam email & fake websites

Important information for all Victorian kindergartens

Further to our alerts regarding Cryptowall virus, many email users are being lured to sites such as fake Australia Post websites.
At a glance these sites appear legitimate but attempting to use the services will lead to downloading the CryptoWall virus.

Click here for...Tip – Scam email & fake websites

February, 2016

New Classroom Courses for early 2016

In early 2016 we are focusing on delivering training for both administration staff and teachers.

Application forms have been sent out to all Kindergartens on the program. But you can also register right here on our website.

When is it on?

Febuary, March, April, May & June classes are open for booking.
Refer to our schedule for specific times and places

Who are the courses for?

The training is available to kindergarten directors, teachers, assistants and committee members. Classes are provided free of charge and delivered in small groups of 10 people in face to face classes.
All training is provided free of charge

How to Apply

To enrol fill out the Paper Enrolment Form click here

OR to enrol online visit:elearning.kindergarten.vic.gov.au

January, 2016

Welcome back to 2016!

A new round of IT training will be available for booking in early February 2016.

The face to face sessions will be covering topics including; iPads, Children's Portfolios, KIM and Building a website using WordPress.

We wish you a successful 2016/