The great thing about email is that mail can be stored on the Internet until you collect it, much like a P.O Box address. All mailboxes have a maximum size however, and should be checked frequently to avoid missing important emails which may otherwise be returned to its sender, together with a failure notice.

A notification message triggers only when your mailbox on the ‘Internet’ is almost full. It does not refer to emails on your computer so deleting unwanted messages or clearing your ‘Deleted Items’ folder is not a work around.

A mailbox notification is sent if one or more of the following conditions is true:

Not checking for mail as often as you should: Rarely applies unless you have returned from holidays, or managed to avoid checking mail for a lengthy period. The message can often be disregarded unless you see a pop up error box which should be left on the screen when contacting the Kindergarten IT Program Helpdesk on 03 8664 7001

Recently received an abnormally large amount of mail: Or observed when you receive large attachments. The same steps outlined in point 1 should be carried out. If you are noticing duplicate mail, try downloading the messages in multiple attempts by clicking ‘Stop’ part way through receiving to create an index, then restart the process by pressing Send/Receive or Sync.

There is more than one computer collecting mail from the same email address: This scenario can occur if multiple computers receive from the same email address. Because the process includes ticking ‘leave a copy of message on server’, each device leaves the original message behind for up to 30 days. As a work around, you can reduce the number of days the messages are retained on the server i.e 7 days. If you are not sure about the steps involved, please contact the Kindergarten IT Program Helpdesk.

You manage mail via webmail and have placed mail in one or more of its folders: If you occasionally manage emails through webmail, you may have deleted messages that continue to reside in other folders such as deleted items. You should always empty these folders before logging out.

You can check the status of your mailbox and manage emails from anywhere at any time by logging into and entering your username and password. Once messages are downloaded to your computer however, they will no longer be available in webmail.