Around 90% of computer related problems can easily be overcome in a few simple steps. This is good news! If any connecting device isn’t working (eg your printer, internet connection or a program), you should restart everything connected to the problem device before pressing the panic button.

Your computer should always be restarted using ‘Shut Down’ or “Restart’ through the Start Menu, as any other means can eventually cause data loss (ouch!) or damage internal parts such as your power supply or hard disk

Remember to restart other devices, such as your internet equipment or printer. Some modems don’t have a switch, so the power cord will need to be ejected for a few seconds before being reconnected. You should also check for loose cable connections.

If Windows is not loading, make sure you remove USB drives or DVD/CD media from the drive compartments before restarting. You should also make sure your monitor is turned on. Monitors that are on will display a light, generally amber or green.

We suggest you print out the quick list below and place it somewhere near your computer.

  • Restart the problem device first such as your Modem or Computer, Printer
  • Restart any connecting devices such as your Router, or Printer
  • Check that your monitor is turned on. An illuminated light will show.
  • Check for loose connections, and reconnect any peripheral devices such as mouse or keyboard.
  • Remove USB drives and CD/DVD’s when starting up