A wireless network is a great way to enjoy the convenience of your Internet Service anywhere in the radius of your Kindergarten.

A wireless modem (router) allows you to connect multiple devices such as Laptops and iPads to the network wirelessly so you can move around the Kindergarten without the hassle of cables and cords!

A few things to consider when upgrading to a wireless network…

Password Security and Confidentiality

The most important thing you can do is keep your wireless modem details and password in a safe place and only give it out to people authorised to access the Wi-Fi connection. A compromised wireless network can allow public access to your confidential information, your Internet data and degrade your connection speeds. You can change your password regularly or during staff changes.

Wireless Range

There are limitations to the range the Wireless Network can go. Being too far away from the modem or in a building with thick walls may cause the wireless connection to fail. If it becomes a problem there is the option to look at buying a wireless range extender device to increase the wireless range.

Data Usage

Of course it’s great that multiple devices can connect and staff can access the Internet Service for a range of things but keep in mind the more people using it, the more Internet data is being used. Other services like Cloud computing can also use a lot of data, so consider prioritising and restricting Internet usage so you don’t go over the monthly data limit.

Where to buy a wireless modem

Wireless modems are available at several outlets that stock electrical and computing gear. If you have an Internet connection with the Kindergarten IT Program, we can provide a Netcomm wireless modem. We can pre-configure the modem and provide ongoing support for it.

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