Have you ever heard the expression “Explain it to me like I am 5“? It is a popular phrase because we often need guidance that is immediate and accessible, just like five years olds. Increasing your cyber security literacy doesn’t mean becoming an expert, it just means becoming familiar with the day-to-day patterns and knowing what the general precautions and risks are. 

The ACSC (Australian Cyber Security Centre) has great resources for teens and tweens that are also a great place to start for anyone. Parents can use the resources to help older siblings to model better online behaviours for younger family members.

Cyber Security for kids links to guides that cover the fundamentals:

  • Update your device
  • Turn on multi-factor authentication
  • Back up your device
  • Use a passphrase
  • Recognise and report scams.

The guides, PDF booklet and poster resources are perfect to assist colleagues or volunteers to get up to speed as all the resources in the Cyber Security for kids section are Simple ●● complexity.

ACSC guides at cyber.gov.au have a content complexity key. This helps everyone to scaffold their own learning at a rewarding pace.

ACSC also presents these simple steps for an adult audience here: Learn | Cyber.gov.au.