Early childhood educators working on Transition Learning and Development Statements are required to adhere to their service’s privacy policies in the handling of personal information. Schools must adhere to the Victorian privacy laws and Federal laws for other agencies and non-government bodies.

The Department of Education and Training have an information page providing guidance on information sharing relating to transition to school Transition statement privacy and information sharing (education.vic.gov.au).

Read through the Transition to School: Guide to information sharing and the Transition to School: Sharing information FAQ when preparing to talk to families so you can assist them to understand how the Insight Assessment Platform (IAP) manages personal data, the storing information securely and safely, and what your service’s requirements are regarding the retention of information.

The IAP security features include password reset, security questions and CAPTCHA. Kindergarten may find it useful to use a password manger to assist with good password practice.

Remember to only allow access to the Online TLDS account for those educators creating Transition Learning and Development Statements at your service.