In response to our IT training feedback, we have once again updated this and added a new section on some relevant mobile web services. Please note, these are only suggested Apps, mentioned to us from Kindergarten teachers. This list is not exhaustive nor authoritative. Please check the suitability of these apps for your intended purpose.

Review more about Apps on the Apps Store;

Free Apps

  • AutismXpress – Fun and easy to use, designed to encourage people with autism to recognise and express emotions
  • Field Guide to Victorian Fauna – Detailed descriptions and amazing images of Victorian animals
  • VicRoads Click-Clack – Engaging e-book from VicRoads and School Drug Education and Road Aware
  • VicRoads Street Sounds – Engaging e-book from VicRoads and School Drug Education and Road Aware
  • Dragon Dictation – Easy to use voice recognition, allows you to speak and instantly see your messages, 5 times faster than typing with a keyboard
  • The Allen Adventure – Developed by Australian education authorities, this app promotes safe and supportive school environments, free from bullying, harassment and violence
  • Fire Ready (free) – Official Victorian Government App for bushfire warnings and information
  • Sun Smart (free) – Lets you know when you need sun protection across Australia and when it’s safe to get some sun for Vitamin D
  • 2Simple, to build a Profile (document observations) (free trial version) – “The quickest way to document observations, with the EYLF outcomes imbedded in the program.”
  • Teaching Made Easy (document observations) (free trial version) – “A fantastic resource for teachers to use for planning and has all the EYLF embedded into the program
  • Pic Collage (free) – Create a photo memory adding stickers, fun fonts and images!
  • NASA (free) – “Children are effective communicators using technology to investigate ideas and represent their thinking.”
  • Captain Plop (free) – A water saving adventure, “Environmental, sustainability”
  • Victor & Victoria’s Pet Town (free) – “Reinforce the messages from the responsible Pet Program about being safe around dogs
  • Emotions (free) – “Particularly helpful for children with autism”
  • Speakazoo (free) – “Great for children becoming effective communicators as you can target particular sounds and grammar.”
  • Play School Art Maker (free) – “Creating pictures, encouraging children to make 30 second stories adding their own words.”
  • Baby Sign & Sing – AUSLAN Nursery Rhymes (free) – “Sign Language App, brilliant under Education Royal Vic Institute for deaf & blind.”
  • Where’s my water? (free) “Puzzle world of a crocodile who needs the child’s help to get his water for a bath.”
  • Endless Reader – “Kids will have a blast learning sight words and their context and usage with the adorable Endless monsters”
  • Lunchbox maker (free) -“A cognitive pairing, memory game.”
  • Ngurrara – Australian Aboriginal interactive story book, appealing to a range of ages

Paid Apps

  • Pages (word processer, document observations) – “I like the portfolio templates that are on the Kindergarten IT Program website.”
  • Australian Touch and Write: Victorian Cursive – “Kids love learning to write cursive – especially when they can use shaving cream, paint, and jello! … was developed by real classroom teachers.”
  • Shapes Touch and Write – “Practice pre-writing strokes to prepare for writing!”
  • One Step at a Time Toilet Tips – Toilet Training for children with special needs. “It’s really easy for children to use this app before going to the bathroom”
  • Word Wagon HD – “Literacy skills, especially letter recognition”
  • Musical me HD -“Lots of musical interests”
  • Bugs and Bubbles -“Children are connected with and contribute to their world”
  • Monument Valley -“Beautiful aesthetic puzzle and logic layered game in 10 levels”
  • Dexteria jnr -“Fine motor eye hand co-ordination. Lots of pre-writing exercises in fun play”
  • Zoodle pad -“Fine motor drawing and creating”
  • Mathlandia -“Numeracy awareness and challenges”
  • The Wrong Book -“Interactive picture story. Winner of Gold Parent’s Choice Award 2013- mobile apps for ages 3-8.”
  • Flashcards – Basic flashcards show a picture of the animal and the word and say is out to you. If you tap the animal, it will make the animal noise too
  • Humpty Dumpty – Just like the traditional nursery rhyme of Humpty Dumpty this game gives you a chance to put him back together again
  • Sago Mini Doodlecast – “A great way for kids to express themselves through art and conversation”
  • Write My Name – For children with special needs to help them practice emerging writing skills in a fun and playful way
  • Injini: Child Development Game Suite – Inspired by children with special needs. Superior play-based learning that helps young children reach developmental milestones
  • I hear Ewe –A simple application. When you tap on the animal you hear the noise that animal makes
  • Early Maths – A simple flashcard game to encourage development of early numeracy skills
  • Toca Lab – Explore the colourful and exciting world of science! Great graphics and design
  • Toca Hair Salon – Cut, curl, colour and style any way you want! Another visually pleasing and fun game

Mobile/tablet friendly web services

A growing number of teachers are mentioning online services designed for the early learning sector that are adaptable to computers or devices.

  • – “We all know it takes a village to raise a child. KeptMe is rebuilding that village to bring people in a child’s life closer together than ever before.”
  • – “ePortfolios for early childhood teachers to record children’s learning stories online and share privately with family.”
  • – “Kids Xap™ is designed to provide childcare centres across Australia with a complete child care management system, allowing for the managing of everything”
  • – “The tiqbiz communication app is a versatile app for broadcasting information to groups. People want to be engaged and a part of their school, club, business”