File sharing allows multiple users and computers to access and share files in one central location when they are connected to the network via a modem router.

There are two ways we suggest for file sharing at your Kindergarten; File Sharing in Windows Public Folder or, Create a shard network space with an external hard drive and modem router.

Note: This Tip refers to the Dell (Windows Vista) computer and a (4 port or wireless) Netcomm NB604 modem router.

File Sharing in Windows Public Folder

On the Dell (Windows Vista) computer the Public folder is set up for sharing files with all User Accounts on the computer and other Windows computers connected to the network.

C;/Users/Public is by default accessible to anyone who logs into an Account on the computer. You can also choose to let others who connect their computers to the network to be able to access this public folder too.

Public Folder sharing is managed under the Manager Account (or an administrative account) on the Dell computer; this computer must be turned on for Public Folder sharing to work.

Public folder sharing is turned On or Off via; Start Button/ Control Panel/ Network and Internet/ Network and Sharing Center as shown in the screen shot below;

  • Turn Public Folder sharing On under Sharing and Discovery. Choose the permission level for those with network access, to be able to open files (read-only) or open, change and create files (full access)
  • To give others network access to the Public folder you must turn Password protected sharing Off under Sharing and Discovery
  • Now all computers that are plugged into the modem or connected to the wireless network will be able to access the C;/Users/Public via Windows Explorer.

Create a Shared Network Space with an external Hard Drive & Modem.

Another option for file sharing is to create a shared network space on an external hard drive plugged into the modem. This allows multiple users to access and share files in the one central location on the hard drive and is dependent on the modem rather than a computer.

It requires the configuration an external hard drive & modem. The modem must be turned on for the shared network space to work.

Refer to our Guide; Create a Shared Network Space with a hard drive and modem

For more information on File Sharing options for your Kindergarten, contact Community IT Support, 1800 629 835 or Email: