Do you have numerous unread emails piling up? Has it been ages since you deleted old emails? Have you received messages saying you are approaching your mailbox size limit?

If you answered yes to these questions perhaps it’s time for an email clean up?

Regularly cleaning up emails can help improve system performance, make searching easier and reduce the risk of the mailbox exceeding the size limit. (If a mailbox exceeds the size limit, emails cannot be received). A tidy mailbox can also help to stay organised and keep on top of your workload.

Tips for managing emails

  • Set a goal “By 7 Dec (or within 30 days), I will have deleted, filed or responded to every email in my inbox.”
  • Go through and action each email starting at the top. Read, respond to, and deal with them, don’t skip any!
  • Always delete spam and phishing scams (attempts to acquire information such as usernames, passwords, and credit card details)
  • Review and delete Sent items (including multiple replies in the same email trail)
  • Check the size of emails, move large emails and attachments (2mb or above) to a folder on the computer then delete them from the mailbox
  • Check the size of the mailbox so see which folders are taking up the most space, and clean up subfolders
  • Empty the deleted items folder before logging out each time.