Further to our alerts regarding Cryptowall virus, many email users are being lured to sites such as fake Australia Post websites.

At a glance these sites appear legitimate but attempting to use the services will lead to downloading the CryptoWall virus.

All staff accessing email must assess email and links. Assume all mail is suspicious and check the from email address and the web address of any links in the email.

As well as fake Australia Post email and sites, the scammers use fake FedEx, Federal Police etc.

Below is an example fake Australia Post email with the warning signs circled in red. The From address is clearly not legitimate and the website that the email links to is clearly not the Australia Post website.

Once infected, it is impossible to open documents or files. They will be encrypted and unusable.

If you think your files may have been infected, disconnect from the internet immediately and call our Help Desk.

Ensure you backup to an external drive that you then disconnect.

  • Treat ALL unfamiliar email with extreme caution.
  • DO NOT open files or attachments you are not expecting to receive.
  • DO NOT not click on links within suspicious email
  • DO NOT visit free game sites.
  • DO NOT Download free file conversion Software.
  • Keep Antivirus and Windows update up to date