(Instructions are based on Microsoft Word 2007, but are similar in Microsoft Word 2010).

Use the Mail Merge step-by-step Wizard when you want to create a set of labels or documents such as a standard letter that is sent to multiple recipients.

You will need: 1) A letter or blank document. 2) Your recipient information (name, address) stored in a separate file, such as an Excel Spread sheet.

  • Open your Word document, you can begin with a blank document or you can write a letter
  • Go to the Mailings tab
  • Click on Start Mail Merge, then Step by Step Mail Merge Wizard

Step 1: Select document type

  • Select the document type (Letters, Labels)
  • Click Next: Starting document

Step 2: Starting document

  • If you’re creating Letters select Use the current document
  • If you’re creating Labels, click Label Options. Select the Label Vendor and Product Number (this information is found on the packet of labels that you will use (Avery A4/A5, L7159).
  • Click OK.

  • Click Next: Select Recipients

Step 3: Select the Recipient List

In this step you will locate your file of recipient information (name, address). This can be stored in a Word or Excel file, where each row contains individual recipient information

  • Select Use an existing list

  • Click Browse and locate the existing file on your computer
  • Select the file, and click Open, if it is an Excel file, select the sheet (worksheet), click OK
  • Review the data source and use the check boxes to add or remove recipient details from the merge

Step 4: Write your letter/ arrange your labels

  • In this step you will choose which fields to merge into the document and where they are positioned.

  • To add the recipient information, place the curser at the desired point then click on ‘More items’ select each merge field and click Insert. Click Close.
  • Rearrange the position of each field until you are happy with the layout
  • If your creating Labels, click ‘Update all Labels’
  • If your creating Letters write the letter but don’t touch the merge fields which appear surrounded by chevrons (<< >>).

Step 5: Preview your letters/ labels

Click on Next Record or Previous Record to preview each individual letter. If it doesn’t look right, return to Step 4 to edit the fields to be merged and remember to update labels with the fields to be merged.

Step 6: Complete the merge

  • Here you can Edit individual letters and click OK to save the letters


  • Click Print then OK to print the letters/ labels.