For broadband connection issues, first follow these troubleshooting steps. After each step test your internet connection.

Please note: to restart the modem, use the round On/Off button in the side. A restart can 2 or 3 minutes.

NL1901ACV modem front viewNL1901ACV modem side view

NL1901ACV Diagnostic Lights Panel

  1. Are the Power Icon Power Lrg and Broadband service lights green? Your service will be either DSL Icon DSL Lrg, WAN Icon WAN Lrg or LTE Icon LTE Lrg
    If none are lit green, check that the correct power adapter is connected to an active power supply, check other cables and restart the modem.
    If the Power icon remains off, skip to step 6.
    If the appropriate Broadband icon for your service remains off, skip to step 5.
  2. Is the Internet Icon Internet Lrg light green?
    If the Internet light remains off but your broadband service light is green, skip to step 5.
  3. If you connect wirelessly, check that Wi-Fi Icon WiFi lrg is broadcasting on either or both 5GHz and 2.4GHz
    If your device is connected to the modem with a cable, not WiFi, continue to step 4.
    If neither 5 or 4 are lit green, WiFi may be disabled.
    If 5 or 2.4 are lit green, but still no internet, you may need to troubleshoot your device’s connection to the Wi-Fi.
    If that does not resolve the connection, skip to step 6.
  4. If your computer connects to the modem with a network cable, is the Icon Ethernet Lrg port number lit green? Check network cables are firmly in the yellow sockets, check the cable end plugged into your computer.
    If both Internet Icon Internet Lrg and your Ethernet port number are lit green, but still no internet, your computer may need a restart.
    If that does not resolve the connection, skip to step 6.
  5. The following troubleshooting should be done. If you require guidance call our help-desk to:
    1. For WAN Icon WAN Blk Lrg connections, check the ethernet cable in modem’s blue socket and restart the NBN NTD/NCD
    2. For 4G Icon LTE Blk Lrg connections, Check the LTE signal strength bars , and move your modem closer to a window if possible
    3. For DSL Icon DSL Blk Lrg connections, confirm the telephone cable is in the DSL socket on the modem and plugged into telephone point on the wall
  6.  If none of these steps resolve the issue, please contact our support