A common way to share files online is Peer-to-Peer sharing. Instead of downloading a file from a single source, the file is shared among everyone who has downloaded all or part of the file. This allows for quicker and easier sharing of very large files. The most common method used is called BitTorrent. BitTorrent clients such uTorrent that allow you to download files shared as “torrents”. Although making use of BitTorrent programs can be legitimate, there are some risks:

  • Unless the torrent is from a reputable source, the file you are downloading may include viruses/malware.
  • Increased demand on your internet connection. This is because BitTorrent clients continue to share the files to other people online after the download completes.

Unless there is a legitimate need to download a torrent, best practice would be to remove any BitTorrent clients from a kindergarten computer. You can refer to our tip “Tip Turning off peer to peer software” for guidance on turning off uTorrent or uninstalling it entirely.