Tip – Phishing emails directly targeting you and your workplace

Please be alert to phishing emails targeting you in your workplace with accurate personal and staff information. Be on the alert for unexpected email claiming to be from your boss or workmate. Be on the alert for unsolicited email addressing you by name. Be on the alert for casual email requests like, “Can I talk

Online TLDS 2024

The Online Transition Learning and Development Statement (Online TLDS) tool reopened on Monday July 15th, 2024. If you are a teacher who will be using the Online TLDS for the first time, our 15-minute video will get you started. View the video from our Online TLDS information and support page here: For educators who

New Tip – Hijacked email

Cybercriminals attempt to gain access to an email account (highjack) so that they can use it to send spam or phishing emails, steal information and use the account to attempt further attacks. This tip explains what to do if your email account is hijacked Tip – Hijacked email

Training webinars for Term Two 2024

Now available for enrolment We are offering shorter format Digital Safety webinars to support key priorities of the National Plan to Combat Cybercrime.  The webinars offered: Digital Safety - Email Digital Safety – Password Managers Digital Safety – Security Updates Digital Safety – Antivirus & Anti-malware You can view the schedule and book a webinar

Privacy Awareness Week

This week is Privacy Awareness Week. As well as running talks and workshops during this week, the OVIC - Office of the Victorian Information Commissioner provides privacy resources for organisations in Victoria. With guidance on the Privacy Principles, many templates and materials to help navigate privacy, information sharing and managing security risks or breaches. Privacy

New Tip – Passphrases

Create a passphrase by generating three or more random words. A simple 4-word passphrase will take centuries to crack where a 13-character password can take considerably less. Browse to our Tips page to find out how or from this direct link: Tip – Passphrases