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Phishing email targeting early childhood services

Targeted phishing emails are currently being sent to registered services. Below is an example: ACECQA have responded and instructed recipients: This is NOT an official email from ACECQA. It is a spam email that should be deleted - do not click on the link. If you did click on the link in the spam email

2022 Term 3 school holiday update

Just before you leave for the school break, it is helpful to: Shut down your computer Switch off the modem Switch off the power and unplug at the wall socket Add a post it note reminder to your computer screen stating - turn the modem and power back on Following these steps can stop a

Technology Survey 2022 is completed

Thank you to all the participants of the Technology Survey for 2022 Our survey is completed for 2022 with over twice the number of submissions from last year.  Many staff found the time to complete the survey with great insights and suggestions. Overall, the survey affirms the areas of support we prioritise and helps us

Excel Printing Part Two 

Excel Printing Part Two  Part 1 covered the main printing options in Excel. Part 2 covers these further Excel print features:  Print Entire Workbook  Print Titles Print gridlines Print selected chart Print selected table  Print region or selection Set Print Area  Add to Print Area How to print formulas in Excel Insert header and footer

Technology Survey 2022

Complete this 5 minute survey to have your say and give your service the chance to win an iPad! ​​ The Kindergarten IT Program would like to find out how we can improve the program for our service members. There are 8 to 10 questions covering technology needs, connectivity, service improvements and customer satisfaction.  Your submission will

Virus alert ‘Deadbolt’ ransomware targeting network attached storage

We have had reports of the 'Deadbolt' ransomware affecting kindergartens. The Deadbolt ransomware targets computers and networked attached storage (NAS).  Just like your computer, NAS devices should be kept secure by running security updates and turning off vulnerabilities. If your service has a network attached storage device such as a QNAP or other storage device,

Online TLDS 2022

The Online Transition Learning and Development Statement (Online TLDS) tool reopened on Monday July 11th, 2022. If you are a teacher who will be using the Online TLDS for the first time, our 15-minute video will get you started. View the video from our Online TLDS information and support page here: For educators who

Tip – Scam text messages

Smart phone users are vulnerable to a growing range of scam text messages. Scammers use tricks appear alongside legitimate services and contacts contacts . This tip provides advice and links to help you stay safe from scam text messages. Click here to view the tip.

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