Headers and Footers are extremely useful in Word documents and can include information about the author, the date published, version, and page numbering.

The simplest way to choose a header is to ‘right click’ near the top of a document and select it. The same applies for footer except that you would right click at the bottom of the page.

Header and Footer functionality can also be found in the Insert Tab. Once you have made a selection, a Design tab appears above the menu bar (at the top of the page) displaying advanced elements such as ‘adding images.’

Headers and footers are outside the document body and will always retain the correct placement. You can however edit your header or footer by clicking directly over it.

You will also notice the Page Number button (generally placed in the Footer) which provides options specific to page numbering. When you click the button, you’ll see a variety of options. Holding your mouse over the options displays a gallery of options.