Microsoft Word stores information in Rich Text so it is possible to add pictures, Tables, Hyperlinks and even interactive charts and graphs to your document.

The ‘Insert’ tab is bundled with a variety templates and an option to add files located on your computer.

Before adding any enhancements, it is best to make sure that the Cursor is flashing over the intended insertion point. Click the insert Tab and locate the item you wish to add such as a Picture. Once you have located the file on your computer or Template, select it and press ‘Insert’

Hyperlinks are highlighted areas that do specific things such as trigger your default Mail program or Browser to open at a single click. Hyperlinks appear in light blue and are underlined. Whilst creating your document, Word recognizes Internet addresses such as or email addresses such as and will automatically convert them to hyperlinks.

Tip: Holding down CTRL and pressing the letter Z once will undo your last move.

Useful Keyboard shortcuts:

  • CTRL + A = Select All
  • CTRL + C = Copy
  • CTRL + V = Paste
  • CTRL + Z = Undo last move