Webmail is an email client accessed through the Internet in your web browser (such as Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome or Safari, etc).

Webmail allows you to log into the Kindergarten email anywhere, anytime, it’s much like Hotmail or Gmail. But it is important to know that it’s only a temporary solution for accessing email when you’re out of the office and the local computer is not available.

Kindergarten emails should be managed through an email client (like Outlook) on the local computer at the Kindergarten. When you press ‘send & receive’ this downloads a copy of the emails to the local computer, storing them there and freeing space on the server.

Kindergarten email accounts do have a size limit of 1000MB maximum, so if you don’t download the emails your mailbox will fill up and you won’t be able to receive any new emails.

When you access emails through Webmail it does not download a copy to the local computer and if you delete emails within Webmail, you won’t be able to download them later.

So keeping this in mind, Webmail is still a handy tool to access emails out of the office.

Access Webmail: https://webmail.kindergarten.vic.gov.au
(Log in with the Kindergarten email address & password)