KITP team is aware of a large scale spear phishing attack that is currently being targeted at various Government sectors and organisations in Australia.
Spear phishing is a scam that uses emails to try and capture details from you, and/or load your computer with malware. These emails are designed to look like they come from a trusted source such as a bank or a large Government department but are actually fake.
The KITP systems have not been compromised and all of our networks and systems are up to date and fully patched.
If you receive any email that you are unsure of:
• Do not click on any link or attachment within that email.
• Do not reply to that email.
• Do not forward that email.
• Delete the email immediately.
Please note that opening an email will not cause an issue, it’s what you do after that which is why we have these rules.
If you are unsure about any email please contact our helpdesk on:
Phone: 03 8664 7001
Toll Free: 1800 629 835
If you have any questions please email