Tip – Privacy and information sharing requirements for the Online TLDS

Early childhood educators working on Transition Learning and Development Statements are required to adhere to their service’s privacy policies in the handling of personal information. Schools must adhere to the Victorian privacy laws and Federal laws for other agencies and non-government bodies. The Department of Education and Training have an information page providing guidance on

Tip – Online TLDS Training – 901 Webinar Recording

If you missed our recent training webinars you can now view a video recording of the presentation. Please register to view the webinar   Duration: 1 hour, 10 min The video covers the topics from the course: Websites and resources Privacy and information sharing Accessing the Online TLDS Updating Service Details Creating a child’s profile

Set Chrome spell check to English (Australia)

When you are composing text directly into a web application such as Online TLDS you will need to rely on the spell checker built into your browser. To improve your experience, you can set the spell checker to English (Australia) Click the  ellipses button in the top right corner of the Chrome browser toolbar. From

How to create a document ‘zero’?

From user feedback, we realised some of the sessions are going to be very similar for every child. E.g. 'EARLY CHILDHOOD SERVICE CONTACT DETAILS' and 'CONTEXT OF EARLY YEARS SETTING/S'. Instead of keep copying and pasting the same content every time, we suggest users to create a document ‘zero’. By doing this, users can save

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