Tip – Scam targeting payroll and administration staff

We have been alerted to a scam targeting payroll and administration staff. This is how the scam happens: After capturing the name of a legitimate staff member, the scammer sends an email in the staff member’s name to the workplace. Titled “New Banking Details” or similar, this email requests an update to the staff member’s

Tip – Add the Kindergarten Tick to your email signature

The Victorian Government has introduced the Kinder Tick logo to help families find funded and approved kindergarten programs. Funded services are encouraged to display the Kinder Tick on email signatures, websites, media and anywhere that will help families identify approved programs. This tip will explain how to add the email signature banner in Outlook. Downloading

Tip – End of Year wrap-up

This tip covers some end of year considerations for staff organising files, managing outgoing staff mailboxes and accounting for changes to file sharing tools etc.  Back up your data  Perform an end of you back up of your data that can be stored offsite. This can be done with a portable hard drive and as

Tip – Update your email name in Outlook

Make sure you are making a professional impression by setting up your email username correctly. This tip will explain how. As well as assisting with recognisability, this process also helps to ensure your mail isn’t mistaken for spam. Below are to emails sent from the same account one before editing the account name and one

Tip – Phishing email targeting early childhood services

Targeted phishing emails are currently being sent to registered services. Below is an example: ACECQA have responded and instructed recipients: This is NOT an official email from ACECQA. It is a spam email that should be deleted - do not click on the link. If you did click on the link in the spam email

How to AutoArchive your IMAP email in Outlook 2016

When your inbox starts to receive full quota alerts you can turn on Auto-Archive.  This will free up space and move mail to a local personal folder. For POP and IMAP accounts, Outlook lets you create an Archive folder or choose an existing folder to use as an Archive. You can set AutoArchive by mail

How to back up your IMAP email in Outlook 2016

Knowing how to do periodic backups of data like your email is essential. Outlook lets you export mail to a .PST file. You can keep the backup PST file on the computer or copy it to a USB drive that you can take off site etc. Note: This tip explains how to make COPIES of