Tip – Update your email name in Outlook

Make sure you are making a professional impression by setting up you email username correctly. This tip will explain how. As well as assisting with recognisability, this process also helps to ensure your mail isn’t mistaken for spam. Below are to emails sent from the same account one before editing the account name and one

Tip – Website content creation and gathering

This guide is a sequel to Once you have the rough structure and hierarchy of your website you can start detailing it out with content. The content refers to the text copy, logos, images, PDFs and other files that you will be populating your site with. In the same way your site’s users have

Tip – WordPress create logos and icons

If you are using a WordPress theme, widget or block pattern with place-holder images you might need make custom or unique icons to replace them. This technique will work for making larger logos too. Before: After: You can do this quickly with the free web app Adobe Cloud Express. Make a free account here:

Tip – Reordering columns and combining columns in Excel

Staff often need to maintain a spreadsheet of families and enrolments. Common tasks like adjusting or reorganizing such lists can be repetitive. Here are the first of some time-saving methods suggested from our Excel course: Inserting blank columns Re-ordering columns Combining two columns such as first and last name. Inserting blank columns or rows To

Build a basic WordPress contact form

This tip will show you how to create simple contact forms for your WordPress site. This example will use the plugin WPForms, one of many form builders you can find in the WordPress plugin store like Contact Form 7, Jetpack and others. You might find your site already has a plugin that handles forms or has

Tip – Restoring from a WordPress file & database backup

This tip will explain how to restore your WordPress site from a file and database backup.  It is the sequel to the Tip - Making a WordPress file and database backup and assumes you have followed those instructions and made a back up copy of the site files and downloaded the database tables as an

Tip – Making a WordPress file & database backup

This tip will explain how to create a file & database backup of your WordPress site. Also known as a manual backup. WordPress has great recovery features like page & post revisions, 30-day restore from trash and backup plugins that can roll back many mistakes. But none of these will help with a site so

Tip – Privacy and information sharing requirements for the Online TLDS

Early childhood educators working on Transition Learning and Development Statements are required to adhere to their service’s privacy policies in the handling of personal information. Schools must adhere to the Victorian privacy laws and Federal laws for other agencies and non-government bodies. The Department of Education and Training have an information page providing guidance on

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