How to AutoArchive your IMAP email in Outlook 2016

When your inbox starts to receive full quota alerts you can turn on Auto-Archive.  This will free up space and move mail to a local personal folder. For POP and IMAP accounts, Outlook lets you create an Archive folder or choose an existing folder to use as an Archive. You can set AutoArchive by mail

How to back up your IMAP email in Outlook 2016

Knowing how to do periodic backups of data like your email is essential. Outlook lets you export mail to a .PST file. You can keep the backup PST file on the computer or copy it to a USB drive that you can take off site etc. Note: This tip explains how to make COPIES of

Virus scan with BitDefender

Simply having Antivirus software installed on your computer does not mean it will always be a virus free environment. You can run a scan with anti-virus software to check for computer viruses and remove any found. The Kindergarten IT Program provides BitDefender Antivirus software; you may have your own alternative Antivirus software. To run a

How to disable comments in WordPress

When creating a new post or page on a WordPress site, comments are enabled automatically. Recently, we have noticed that spam bots are targeting comment boxes with inappropriate language. These comments can be viewed by anyone who is looking at your website. Please follow the steps below to disable comments. To disable comments when creating

Suggestions to help get your website found on the web

Just by creating a website doesn’t mean it will automatically be found through an Internet Search Engine tool such as Google. There are thousands of websites to compete with. Here are some tips to help make your site search-engine friendly. Add Keywords Use relevant keywords throughout the site page text. Search Engine crawlers/indexers rely on

Creating & editing your website in WordPress

Check out an example website If you’re wondering what WordPress looks like you can view a Kindergarten website created in WordPress; Download Easy WP Guide WordPress Manual; Install Updates Ensure your website is up-to-date. When you are logged in as Admin available updates will be shown on the dashboard, e.g.; WordPress 4.2 is

Create an online presence for your Kindergarten

It’s useful to have an online presence for your Kindergarten that provides a quick and easy way for your audience to find you and access information and resources over the Internet. Planning your online presence In planning how you will create an online presence, firstly identify your audience, what it is they want and order these

How to check email remotely

Open your preferred web browser (E.g. Chrome), and type in to the address bar, and press enter. Once you're on the login screen, in the username box, type your full email address, in the password box type in your email password, then click login. From here you will be able to Compose a

How to install the KITP’s version of TeamViewer on a Mac

To run TeamViewer for remote assistance from the Kindergarten IT Program, first browse to the website On our website you will see the TeamViewer button on the menu. If you are on a Mac, you will need to click on the grey TeamViewer button to download the app. Your browser page will redirect to