Kindergarten IT Program antivirus opt-in

The following information is relevant to kindergartens making use of computers supplied by the Kindergarten IT Program.

The AVG Antivirus Business Edition program we have provided since 2013 has now expired.

We are now offering an opt-in to Bitdefender GravityZone Business Security for eligible computers.

The software is supplied at no cost to the kindergarten and only computers supplied by the Kindergarten IT Program are eligible.


Please contact our help desk to request the opt-in options.

If your kindergarten is part of a cluster or council, please check with your organisation before opting-in.

If you have already purchased your own antivirus for 2016/2017 or want to opt-out, simply do not reply to the email. If at a later date you wish to opt-in, please contact our help desk.

Where to find the Service Tag on Dell PC:

Where to find the the Service Tag on the underside of a Dell Laptop:

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