Jul, 2014

Kindergarten IT Program
New Training Schedule Aug - Nov 2014

The training is open to Kindergarten teachers, assistants and committee members.
All training is provided free of charge and is delivered face-to-face in small groups.

View the New Training Schedule Aug - Nov 2014

To view the course outlines, venues and enrol online visit: elearning.kindergarten.vic.gov.au
OR fill out the Paper Enrolment Form

Jul, 2014

Tip – Lock an iPad into one App

Guided Access is a setting that allows you to temporarily lock an iPad into one App at a time. This is particularly useful if you are using the iPad with children; they can stay focused on the activity and won’t be able to exit the game or access other features of the iPad until you unlock this feature with a passcode.

Note - This Tip is based on an iPad 2 IOS 7, different versions may vary. Guided Access is available in IOS 6 onwards.

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Jun, 2014

Tip –Using your mouse scroll wheel

The mouse scroll wheel is located in the middle of the left and right buttons of your mouse. It’s commonly used for easy scrolling up and down through a document or web page but has a few other functions when using it as a third button.

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June, 2014

Example Websites & Templates

We provide websites using the LightNEasy CMS website builder which is really easy to use. There are a range of templates available.View the example templates; LightNEasy CMS example templates

View an example website created in LightNEasy, use the switcher to see the different templates; LightNEasy CMS example website

We also offer Wordpress CMS website builder which has more expandability and is more advanced than LightNEasy.
View an example website; Wordpress CMS example website

June, 2014

Website Spotlight

St Peters Kindergarten

Want to find out more about Community Kindergarten Web Publishing? We put a spotlight on some of the new websites being created and managed by Kindergartens...

"Our Website is often the first introduction to our Kindergarten, so it was very important to the Teaching Staff & Committee to provide a great first impression."


Jun, 2014

Tip – Evernote

What is Evernote?

Evernote is a free program designed for note-taking and note-sharing. A note can be text, a web page, a photo or even an audio recording.

Evernote is installed as software on your computer or an App on your smart phone or tablet. Using an Internet connection it can sync your notes across devices including a Windows computer, smart phone, iPad, or tablet so no matter where you are working you can access all of your notes, research and resources.

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