Oct, 2014

Resource - iPad Apps for Early Learning

In response to our IT Training Survey (June, 2014) where we asked “What iPad Apps do you use in your Kindergarten and what Learning Outcomes do they achieve from the EYLF?”, we have a collated a list of suggested Apps.

Hear feedback from Early Learning Educators on the suggested Apps for use with children and what Learning Outcomes these achieve.

Please note: these are only suggested Apps, this list is not exhaustive nor authoritative. Please check the suitability of these apps for your intended purpose. View customer ratings, reviews, IOS compatibility and more about Apps on the Apps Store; https://itunes.apple.com

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Oct 2014

Website Spotlight

Friend Street Kindergarten

"Both our Committee of Management and staff knew the importance of having an easy to navigate website and that we were missing out on such a valuable communication and marketing tool.

As a newly appointed Administration Officer development of a new website was my first priority."


Oct, 2014

Tip - Using Internet Search Engines effectively

Anyone can type words into Google and get a list of results, but are they the best results? When you want to find information on the Internet, here are a few tips for searching more effectively, for better results.

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Aug, 2014

Tip - Troubleshooting techniques

Your computer won’t start, the screen goes blank, the program freezes, error messages pop up on the screen and you don’t know why. Sound familiar? Most people have experienced a problem with the computer or will at some point. When a problem occurs, don’t panic! Try these basic troubleshooting techniques to identify the problem.

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Jul, 2014

Kindergarten IT Program
New Training Schedule Aug - Nov 2014

The training is open to Kindergarten teachers, assistants and committee members.
All training is provided free of charge and is delivered face-to-face in small groups.

View the New Training Schedule Aug - Nov 2014

To view the course outlines, venues and enrol online visit: elearning.kindergarten.vic.gov.au
OR fill out the Paper Enrolment Form

Aug 2014

Website Spotlight

St Johns Kindergarten Croydon

Want to find out more about Community Kindergarten Web Publishing? We put a spotlight on some of the new websites being created and managed by Kindergartens...

“We were searching for a user-friendly CMS that would be used across our Kindergarten Committee and Staff. We knew how important a good one was and we desperately needed to update ours.


Jul, 2014

Tip – Lock an iPad into one App

Guided Access is a setting that allows you to temporarily lock an iPad into one App at a time. This is particularly useful if you are using the iPad with children; they can stay focused on the activity and won’t be able to exit the game or access other features of the iPad until you unlock this feature with a passcode.

Note - This Tip is based on an iPad 2 IOS 7, different versions may vary. Guided Access is available in IOS 6 onwards.

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